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Art Bra, Beading, Embro

Art Bra Handwork Donated to Breast Cancer Resource Center Featured in Silent Auction at Art Bra® Austin, TX 2017

Gold and black Sequence with pearls. My first work with sequence and beading in freshman year in college. Inspiration was Egyptian belly dance art and the gold of pyramids

Over the years, treatment for breast cancer has gotten more sophisticated. It’s also gotten much more complex. BCRC is here to assist Central Texans affected by breast cancer in overcoming obstacles related to accessing screening and treatment services, adhering to treatment plans, and in confronting the issues that erode quality of life.

Whatever the circumstances, BCRC provides all services and programs – free of charge – to anyone affected by breast cancer regardless of income, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, or social support. With every act and for every client, BCRC strives to embody understanding, preserve dignity, and always see the woman as well as the disease. We believe no one should face breast cancer alone.
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