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"I believes that everything is possible, and if you love what you do, you will be great at it".  Aidan Beni is an International fashion designer who graduated from The University of Texas at Austin on May 2019. He worked as a fashion professor for Fall 2019 after he graduated, and he also run one the biggest fashion show in the nation with over 4000 attendance as he was the director assistance and VIP guests director for 3 years. Aidan is an artist and fashion designer who is inspired by many things around him as he designs and creates his vision. He has been inspired by arts, colors and even stories to begin a new design and bring it to life. Color choice is very important to him during the creative process as it usually reflects the idea and story behind the design itself. His interests outside of fashion design include traveling, art, painting, drawing and music. Fashion has allowed Aidan to build and expand on his design thinking to let him not only find solutions in fashion but anything related to style and aesthetic. In March 12th, 2023, Aidan has been chosen to presenting his new nightwear collection at the Oscar Gala in Los Angels, California 
" It changed my life to better understanding of why people wear what they wear, and how it changes over time." 


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